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Rocky Adkins, Terri Branham, Kathy Hinkle and Robin Webb, Opinion contributors

Braidy Industries wants to build an aluminum rolling mill in eastern Kentucky, but has hit some snags along the way. Nikki Boliaux, Louisville Courier Journal

It’s not every day that a cutting-edge company like Braidy Industries chooses Kentucky, and let me tell you, we are excited about it. We supported the project from the beginning. It’s good for Eastern Kentucky and the entire commonwealth, and we are confident in its future.

We all need Braidy to succeed and bring hope and opportunity back to our region. While we may be gearing up for football in the Bluegrass, thousands of family’s futures are depending on this significant and valuable investment that will bring back the types of jobs our people need and deserve.

For some time, the Appalachian region hasn’t been making the best economic news. But times are changing, and Braidy is a big part of the reason. A study conducted by renowned economics professor James Koch found that Braidy will generate $2.8 billion of economic value in Kentucky by 2021. He also found that Braidy will impact the four surrounding Ohio and West Virginia counties, adding more than 8,000 jobs to those counties.