Moira Vetter | Contributor

Manufacturers can’t get enough high-quality, light-weight aluminum these days. Add to that the goal of lowest-carbon environmental impact, and there were no suppliers up to the task until today.

This morning, Braidy Industries announced a $200 Million strategic investment by global aluminum leader Rusal which dramatically changes the pace and scale of what’s to come.

More than a financial transaction, this investment and partnership is a commitment to a shared vision that revolutionary innovation can achieve what some thought impossible—combine the largest supplier of the highest quality prime aluminum with the lowest cost and most environmentally friendly aluminum mill.

Lord Barker, the Chairman of En+ Group, Rusal’s parent company calls this focus on environmental responsibility, value for money, and positive community impact the “trinity of scale.” Barker who sat in the House of Lords of the UK Parliament, and served as the Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, has long led the charge for economically viable environmental responsibility.

It’s no surprise Braidy Industries caught Barker’s eye…