Braidy Industries Inc., an Ashland, Ky.-based manufacturer of metals for the global transportation and defense industries, has named Thomas Modrowski as president of its subsidiary, Braidy Atlas.

Modrowski, who has served as executive vice president of construction for Braidy Industries since June 2017, will head Braidy Atlas’ operations, overseeing mill completion and integrated aluminum sheet production. He has nearly 40 years of experience in aluminum and steel processing, as well as experience with greenfield construction in the steel industry, and holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wabash College.

The Braidy Atlas mill will open with capacity of 300,000 tons per annum, producing series 3000, 5000, and 6000 aluminum sheet products. The mill’s capacity is sold out for its first seven years of production. With subsidiary NanoAL’s nanocrystalline metal alloy technology, the mill’s goal is to produce cost-effective, lightweight aluminum sheet that is 20 percent stronger at the same cost of production, reports the company.