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Who doesn’t like great news?

We certainly do. On this Sunday we celebrate great news from the state of Kentucky regarding the latest unemployment numbers. Combined with a very robust jobs report on Friday, it is time to once again take stock in what continues to be a strong economy both in the state and nation.

Regarding Kentucky, the new county unemployment data showing unemployment rates in the Tri-State region are particularly positive. In fact it is hard to not to pause and check to see if you read them right. In Carter County the preliminary unemployment rate for November 2018 is listed at 6.7 percent. While still not perfect, it is a vast improvement over last summer when, back in July, the number was at 9.7 percent. County residents have certainly seen it higher, but 6.7 percent is very solid progress.

The most recent numbers also show Boyd County’s unemployment rate at 4.7 percent and Greenup closely behind at 5.1 percent. Those are vast improvements from the summer of 2017 when Boyd’s was at 7.2 percent and Greenup’s was at 7.7 percent. These are incredible, arguably historic improvements.

We talked to Tim Gibbs, chief executive officer of the Ashland Alliance, on Friday about the new numbers.

“There’s a positive uptick nationwide,” Gibbs said. “For the first time in 30 or 40 years every county in Kentucky is under 10 percent.”