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By Glenn Puit & Mike James The Daily Independent

It’s official — 2017 is in the books as of midnight tonight.

Looking back on the year it was most certainly a 12 months packed with interesting, intriguing and important local news. There were a bevy of new jobs created in the Tri-State. There were concerns about public safety documented at the Boyd County Detention Center. There were plans formulated and put into place to revive the city of Ashland’s downtown. And, there was the solidification of obstacles we as a region have yet to completely overcome. Today, then, is a day of reflection. It is a day to contemplate all that has come before us in the last 365 days for the purpose of gaining knowledge and learning. It is an endeavor of both contemplation and observation — an undertaking aimed at preparing us for the future to come.

With this in mind The Daily Independent brings you the Top 10 local stories of 2017.


#1 Braidy Industries

There is no doubt as to what the biggest story of 2017 is. It is simply put, the arrival of Braidy Industries.

On a beautiful April afternoon in Wurtland Gov. Matt Bevin called together a who’s who of economic development and community leaders to make the big announcement. Braidy Industries Chief Executive Officer Craig Bouchard, Bevin and others detailed for the anticipatory crowd on hand an ambitious plan by Braidy to construct a 2.5-million-square-foot facility atop 380 acres of riverfront property…