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Braidy Industries, Innovating a New Age of Metal Alloys
Braidy Industries, Better Efficiency Equals Lower Costs

Braidy Industries was created by Craig T. Bouchard to lead a national transformation in the use of efficient, eco-friendly aluminum alloys that are also lighter and stronger. Our goal is to lead the generational shift in materials science that is currently underway.

“Braidy Industries’ decision to locate in Eastern Kentucky has the potential to be as significant as any economic deal ever made in the history of Kentucky,” said Gov. Bevin. “This $1.6 billion investment will create enormous opportunity for people in the region, and would not have been possible without our recently passed right-to-work legislation. I look forward to the success of Braidy Industries as they leverage the incredible work ethic found in Eastern Kentucky. The ripple effect of this investment will be significant and will produce positive change in the region for generations to come.”

– Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin

Competitive Advantages and Products

Technology, Business, and Community


Efficiency requires creativity, innovation, and forward thinking. These are all qualities that we pride ourselves on, and they are why we will be able to deliver our products to our customers through a streamlined production and supply chain that will lower costs while maintaining the highest quality.


Our growing list of partners includes some of the most respected names in materials science, business, and government. Through our work with Governor Matt Bevin and other Kentucky legislators, we’ve found an outstanding location in which to build and invest. And we’ve drawn on our ties to Harvard and MIT to get a running start as we begin to grow Braidy Industries.


In the field of materials science, developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. That’s why we focus so intensely on research, and why we have brought together a group of scientists who will ensure that our environmental legacy is one that will be a guiding light for other companies in our industry.

Braidy Industries respects and supports the important national security responsibilities of CFIUS. The Braidy Atlas mill project is a greenfield project that does not enter or interfere with CFIUS rules or regulations. This project bolsters U.S. national security through strengthening the U.S. aluminum supply chain with the first new rolling mill in over 35 years. It will provide advanced manufacturing jobs benefitting as many as 30,000 families in Appalachia where underemployment has been as high as 40% in recent years. The disappearance of coal mining and steel jobs in the region has been devastating. Braidy Atlas will put these forgotten Americans back to work in a mill designed to have the lowest carbon imprint in its global industry. We invite all elected officials to join us as we assume this leadership role.

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"The Board of Directors of Braidy Industries confirmed its action of Jan. 28, 2020, removing Craig Bouchard as CEO and Chairman. The Board and CEO Tom Modrowski are committed to the Ashland community and focused on building the Kentucky mill."

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State of Kentucky, Partners

Working Hard, Hard Working

We chose to build our brand new, fully integrated aluminum rolling mill in Eastern Kentucky for many reasons. The first of those reasons is the people. The region’s history of coal mining and other labor intensive pursuits has earned its people a well-deserved reputation for the kind of hard work and dedication that we covet in our workforce.

Eastern Kentucky also appealed to us because we found true partners in both public and private organizations at the local and state level. Governor Matt Bevin has worked with us closely to make this project a reality, and with his continued support, and the support of the people of this region, Braidy Industries is excited to call Eastern Kentucky home.

Braidy Industries, Board of Directors

Leaders in Technology and Business

Charles Price, Chairman of the Board, Retired CEO and Chairman of Charah Solutions

Dr. Christopher A. Schuh, Head of the Department of Materials Science, MIT University

Dr. Michael E. Porter, Harvard Business School

John T. Preston, Former Director of Technology Development (and Licensing), MIT

Craig T. Bouchard, Board Member

Upcoming Job Openings…

Building, operating, and maintaining our new facility will create hundreds of construction, skilled labor, and administrative jobs in Eastern Kentucky. With plant construction already underway, we are looking for people to join the Braidy Industries team.